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Why do we use citations and references?

Any time you include an idea, thought, item, image... anything created by another person, you need to acknowledge that person's work using the correct citations (indicators within your work) and references (the list at the end of your work).

This is a requirement of the IB (academic Honesty).

It is also the ethical and moral thing to do.

It helps us to avoid plagiarism and copyright infringements.

Also - using citations and references helps your teachers to see that you have done the research and understood the information!

Here at NIST

The main citation style used at NIST is APA7. We are using one style only throughout MYP to encourage consistency across all subject areas, and to encourage students to habitually cite and reference.

In the Middle School we begin to use MyBib to generate references for books, websites and images; gradually building up until by Year 9, all students should be able to create references for a range of different source types and correctly cite any material they quote, paraphrase or summarize.

Once students reach the DP (Years 12-13), they will be using a range of citation styles based on the requirements of each subject and / or teacher:

  • APA7 is commonly used for:
    • Most Science
    • Psychology
    • Economics
    • Business
  • MLA9 is commonly used for:
    • Language & Literature (any language)
    • Some Individuals And Societies subjects (cultural studies...)
    • Theatre
  • Chicago Style is commonly used for:
    • Some Individuals And Societies subjects (History, Business...)
    • Fine Arts
    • Theatre

Citation Generator used at NIST