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Extended Essay: Introduction

Writing Essays by Loranzo Cafaro

Outline of the Process

Choose the DP subject area you would like to focus on.

Read the Extended Essay Proposal Guides and work on your Proposal Form

Set up and Explore your Researcher's Space (RS). You will be using this as a key planning and reflection tool throughout the EE process.

Choose a topic and undertake some background reading on it.

Formulate a preliminary research question.

Draw up an outline / plan for the research and writing process, including a timeline.

Begin to identify how and where you can gather source information for your research. Remeber that sources needed to be academic!

Double check which system of academic referencing you should be using: MLA8, APA or Chicago.

Set deadlines that are realistic, taking into account other school deadlines.

Plan the structure of your essay. Remember that this may change as your research develops, but it is useful to have a sense of direction from the start.

Begin reading... If you find it is difficult to find evidence or information, remember that you can adjust or change your research question at this stage. Discuss with your supervisor.

Research! Make sure your material is clearly linked to your research question, Keep everything organized, ideally linking the order to the structure of your essay. Remember to build your Reference List as you go!

Resources from the IB

IB Requirements - Information to include when referencing your sources

This Table shows what information is required by the IB when citing and referencing each different type of resource: 


For more information, including examples of different materials in the different styles of referencing, as outlined by the IB, please follow this link.

Recommended Citation tools